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Coyote Hunting Tips On Predator Light Color

  • 1 August 2016
  • Author: Josh Franklin
  • Number of views: 24681
Does light color really matter for your Predator Hunting Lights?

It’s one question that has many different answers depending on whom you ask; that’s helpful, right? I don’t think so either, so in an attempt to add some clarity to one of the MANY questions hunters have that just can’t quite figure out how to seal the deal on those ever so sneaky coyotes and fox, I am writing this Coyote Hunting Tips article on Predator Light Color. Whether you are hunting coyotes, hunting fox or hunting feral hogs, the predator light or coyote light color is a big topic of discussion.

White Predator Hunting Lights - The Lesser Choice

First, let’s start it off with, in my PERSONAL opinion, the lesser of the three coyote light colors for hunting coyotes and/or fox, white predator hunting lights. White predator hunting lights are fantastic for turning darkness into daytime and allowing the natural filters in your eyes to distinguish size, shape, color and distance with as much accuracy as possible when the sun has set for the day. White predator hunting lights also do a superb job of absolutely trashing your temporary night vision that you have established by allowing your eyes to adjust to the darkness. Without going into a complete biology lesson on the matter, the rods (which are used in human terms of night vision) and cones (which are primarily used for day vision, focus and color perception) are what make white predator hunting lights both good and bad. A lot of predator hunters are able to use white predator hunting lights by using what is called the “Halo Method”, which is using the outside edges of the beam on the white predator hunting lights to actually illuminate the eyes of the predator that’s slowly circling downwind of that rabbit distress call. When the time is just right, the direct beam that is well above the actual body of the predator is dropped down, if you’re lucky, temporarily stunning/blinding them in place and the shot is taken. There is a lot of trial and error with this method; I personally do not even attempt to use it as I prefer to keep my night vision intact as long as possible.

Green Predator Hunting Lights - Ideal for Feral Hog Hunting

Second, the runner-up in my experience for hunting coyotes and hunting fox, but generally reigns supreme as #1 in the feral hog hunting world. Green predator hunting lights allow for you to not see quite as far as white predator hunting lights, but generally a lot further and with a lot more detail than red predator hunting lights. Green, to me, is a great light color but the light intensity for the song dogs I’ve hunted in my lifetime is too intense. I’ve actually done several very unscientific tests with zero statistical backing other than my own results, on the red predator hunting lights vs. green predator hunting lights debate. I’ve had eye shine at 500 yards with my trusty Predator Tactics Coyote Reaper in my ever favorite red and had the animal coming in like you would normally expect. I’ve then used a green predator light, shining well off the animal and used a slower downward approach from above as to not spook the animal and as soon as the green beam from the predator light has hit them, they flare off almost like they’ve been shot at. Strange to me, largely due to the fact I know so many professional and extremely successful amateur hunters that use green predator hunting lights with little to no difference than my red predator light. On the other side of the coin, the hog hunters of the world that I know almost exclusively using green hog lights. It doesn’t do as bad at wrecking your temporary night vision and still allows plenty of distance and illumination for that shot you’re out there to take in the first place. Hogs don’t tend to spook with the red hog lights or green hog lights, so why not give yourself more sight picture and illumination and pick yourself up one of Predator Tactics Green hog lights?

Red Hunting Lights - My Pick for Coyote Hunting

Last, but certainly not least, are red coyote hunting lights. Predator hunting lights are what I almost exclusively consider a red lensed light. Red coyote hunting lights have a very mellow color; as well as minimal effect on your night vision and a Red Coyote Light still allows extremely long range eye shine. While your target identification range may not be as far as with green coyote hunting lights or white coyote hunting lights, but what difference does that make if you spook them off before they can get to that magic distance anyways? Red predator hunting lights do not throw shadows nearly to the degree that a green coyote light or white coyote light do. If you have a very wary coyote or fox approaching in a tree line, those shadows can be a make or break item for that particular critter. It’s not an intense light color, so that also factors into them not picking up the light intensity change in their eyes, which can also make that wary critter, flare off and not commit to the call or stand. Lastly, in recent years with the usage of the rheostats into predator hunting lights being released in today’s market, like what is included with the Predator Tactics Killbone allow the end user to adjust the intensity of the coyote light even further. I hit on red coyote hunting lights the most because my success rate has gone up significantly when I started using a red predator light exclusively. It really was that “make or break” item for me that changed a lot of my stands and how the coyotes and foxes interacted with me during the stand.

Red vs Green Hunting Lights

Coyote hunting lights and what I’d call Hog hunting lights are two different animals, so I like to keep them separate… (Pun intended) While green hog lights work for hogs and most definitely can work for coyotes and fox, I generally just prefer to stick with a red predator light. I’ve never had a situation where a red coyote light has not been enough light for me and with today’s innovations and hunting lights that are reaching out further and further, I don’t see that ever being a real problem for anyone. Investing in quality Night Hunting Lights is key; remember the adage, “Buy once, cry once.” It’s true that you will generally get what you pay for so make the right choice right out of the gate and pick up one of Predator Tactics Night Hunting Lights.

Taking a gun to a knife fight may be frowned upon as cheating, but do you ever do something with the intention of losing? Is it cheating? Yes. Could you get the same outcome with a lesser option? Probably. Does it make it a heck of a lot more fun when you can go out knowing you’ve got the upper hand? Absolutely! That’s why I’ve chosen for my Predator Hunting Lights the Coyote Reaper by Predator Tactics in conjunction with the Predator Tactics Buck Lantern, both in red to up my success greatly. I hope these Coyote Hunting Tips will help you out in your search for the right Coyote Light color and as always, if you have any questions you can feel free to shoot any of the staff at Predator Tactics a message and we will be happy to help you, or you can email me directly at

Thanks and happy hunting!

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