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Are you planning a coyote hunting trip? Read below for tips from hunting enthusiasts just like you!

Suppressors and Predator Hunting

By Jimmy | December 12, 2016

Suppressors and predator hunting, in my honest opinion is two things that go together about as perfectly as any combination in existence. Please forgive me if you are bothered by the fact that I refuse to refer to them as “silencers” but that’s a topic for another day and time. Nonetheless,…

Hunting Coyotes is Worth Sharing With a Youngster

By Jimmy | November 30, 2016

First Dog Down My 15 year old nephew Luc has become my inseparable hunting partner and it’s been a lot of fun just watching him learn by watching me and taking him out every weekend I can. He asked for some input on building his AR-15, but other than basic…

Coyote Hunting Tips On An Overlooked Subject

By Jimmy | November 15, 2016

You’ve got more than enough spots for hunting coyotes that you couldn’t possibly ever need another spot, right? Yeah, me either! In this article, I’m going to dish out some of the most crucial advice that gets overlooked when discussing coyote hunting tips, gaining access to property for hunting coyotes. I will…

Never Rule It Out When Hunting Coyotes

By Jimmy | November 1, 2016

I have been hunting coyotes for several years, and the summer of 2016 allowed me a summer of many “firsts” for me and the friends and family I take out to also enjoy this obsession I’ve come to love. Hunting coyotes in Southern Indiana, you’ve got a variety of hunting setups; however…

Tips on Daytime vs. Nighttime Coyote Hunting

By Jimmy | October 17, 2016

When it comes to predator hunting, there’s no better time to get the call out and make a stand than when the sun is up, right? No? Maybe you’re the one who counts down the seconds until that sun sets and darkness fills all of the prime real estate that you’re…


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