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Predator Tactics™ has brought you the most innovative predator light and hog hunting light kit available today. The Coyote Reaper™ is packed full of features that makes it superior to any hunting light kit on the market. Whether you are hunting fox in the timber, coyote hunting in the prairie or hog hunting in the mesquite, the Coyote Reaper™ will adapt to any hunting situation.

The Coyote Reaper™ hunting light will allow you to flood the beam wide for cutting through the timber or tighten the beam down for those long range shots.

Coyote Reaper™ by Predator Tactics™ has taken it to the next level!!!!

  • Adjustable Focus
  • Built-In Halo Shield
  • Matte Black Finish
  • Push Button Tail Cap
  • On/Off Remote Switch Tail Cap
  • Battery Extension Tube
  • 5 Point Adjustable Rail Mount
  • Scope Rail Mount for 1 inch and 30mm scope tubes
  • Pair Of Rechargeable 18-650 Batteries
  • Wall/Vehicle Charger Set
  • Interchangeable LED Bulb Module(s)
  • Plastic Case



*Animal identification depends on several variables. Moisture in the air, such as humidity, fog, mist, snow, and rain, will play a factor on how far the light will shine. Eyesight and the quality of optics should be considered as well. 

4 different kit options, see below

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Coyote Reaper™ Rifle Edition Kit

The Coyote Reaper™ “Rifle Edition” Kit by Predator Tactics™ is everything you need to get yourself out into the field with your rifle. This is the ideal set up if you are a looking for Predator Hunting Lights or Hog Lights that will give you target identification up to 500 yards. This specialized Coyote Light is equipped with a matte black finish, built in halo shield and adjustable focus and the ability to easily switch out the color LED bulb module for changing the beam color on your Predator Light. The kit also includes an adjustable rail mount system that can be attached to your picatinny rail or a 1inch & 30mm scope tube. An On/Off Remote Switch Tail Cap is provided 8in the kit for easy on and off function for your Coyote Reaper™ Night Hunting Lights. A pair of rechargeable 18-650 lithium ion batteries and wall/vehicle charger set are also included in the kit. The Coyote Reaper can be ran off of one battery but the included battery extension tube allows for the use of both batteries for double burn time on this specialized Coyote Light. You’ll be leaving your old Predator Hunting Lights and Hog Lights at home after attaching the Coyote Reaper™ to your favorite rifle. So get on board with thousands of hunters that have proven a higher success rate in the field after making the Coyote Reaper™ their go to Coyote Light in their Night Hunting Lights arsenal.

Coyote Reaper™ Rifle & Bow Edition Kit

The Coyote Reaper™ “Rifle & Bow Edition” Kit by Predator Tactics™ is loaded up with the same great features and accessories as the “Rifle Edition” with the added bonus of the Bow Mount Switch Tail Cap. The Bow Mount Switch Tail Cap turns your rifle mounted Predator Light into a Bow Mounted Hog Light. The Bow Mount Switch Tail Cap threads the Coyote Reaper™ Predator Light right into the stabilizer bushing on your bow and the switch can be mounted to the grip of the bow for easy on and off function. So if you are looking at Hog Lights for your bow and Hog Hunting Lights for your rifle there is no better choice than the Coyote Reaper™ “Rifle & Bow Edition” Kit.

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Coyote Reaper™ Rifle & Shotgun Edition Kit

The Coyote Reaper™ “Rifle & Shotgun Edition” Kit by Predator Tactics™ is loaded up with the same great features and accessories as the “Rifle Edition” with the added bonus of the quick attach shotgun mount. For those Hunting Coyotes in a wide range of terrain from big open terrain to tight spots, this Coyote Light kit was built for you. The shotgun mount securely mounts the Coyote Reaper™ to the barrel of your shotgun without damaging the finish of your barrel. The adjustable focus of the Coyote Reaper™ Predator Light along with the shotgun mount will have you set up perfectly for some close range shots while Hunting Coyotes.


 The Coyote Reaper™ IR Light Kit by Predator Tactics™ comes with great features that will help maximize the distance on your Night Vision Optics. The Coyote Reaper™ IR light features the adjustable focus with an 850nm IR LED. Pushing 1000mw this IR Light will surely get you extra long range distances helping assure you of your targets identification. The Light is equipped with a push button tail cap and intensity control switch for controlling your IR intensity from 0% to 100%. This IR Light Kit is the perfect choice for Hunting Coyotes & Hogs with Gen 1 & Gen 2 Night Vision as well as digital Night Vision.


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Coyote Reaper™ IR Light Kit


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